Springdale Schools recognizes the importance and impact of service based learning. EAST Initiative stands for Education Accelerated by Service and Technology. Its mission is to provide all learners the opportunity to have relevant, individualized, life-changing educational experiences. In the 31 school buildings in the Springdale Schools, there are 23 EAST programs. EAST will continue to grow by adding new programs each year. Students have access to CAD Software, 3D Modeling and Printing, Video Editing programs, 360 Degree Video, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Geo Infographic System programs, 3D laser scanning, and a growing number of tools available to them. EAST students have the opportunity to utilize these tools to identify and find solutions for needs in their community. Springdale Schools programs have received five Founder’s Award, the highest possible honor from annual national EAST conference. At the 2019 conference, Springdale EAST programs were winners and finalists of 36 accolades.