General Links
  1. NewsELA
  2. Prep Dog (for third grade)
  3. Read Theory

Who We Are

Cultures influence behaviors and attitudes.

  1. Connect the World
  2. Where is Buster?
Where We Are in Place and Time

Exploration affects perspectives

  1. Ducksters: Biography for Kids
  2. Hubble Site
  3. NASA Kids
  4. Sky Survey
  5. We Choose the Moon
How We Express Ourselves

Cultures use language to express themselves and make connections.

  1. Acrostic Poem Creator - Read Write Think
  2. Acrostic Poem Creator - Learning Games for Kids
  3. Adjectives that start with...
  4. Diamonte Poem Creator
  5. Fern's Poetry Club -What's a poem?
  6. Fern's Poetry Club - Today's poem
  7. Online Dictionary
  8. Poetry Idea Engine
  9. The Three Little Pigs
  10. Wacky Web Tales
How the World Works

Interactions of machines and behaviors change lives.

  1. Biography for Kids
  2. Inventors and Inventions
  3. Poddle Weigh In
  4. Scientific Inquiry
How We Organize Ourselves

Planning an event involves processes.

  1. Ed's Bank
Sharing the Planet

Finite resources create global interdependence.

  1. World Continent Games
  2. Counting Money
  3. Quarter Explorer
  4. Dollar Dive
  5. EcoKids