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Local ONE APP Scholarships

  1. Review the ONE APP Scholarship Requirements by clicking on the name of the scholarship.

  2. To apply for any of the ONE APP Scholarships:

    1. Download the Application HERE

    2. Download the Scholarship List HERE

  3. Fill out the electronic application completely. Save it. (Chromebook users: in order to save filled out application, hit the print button and change settings to "save as PDF".)

  4. Print as many copies as needed. (i.e., if you want to submit to four scholarships, print four copies of the completed application)

  5. Make a packet by attaching additional requirements as indicated to each scholarship app. (i.e., resume, essay, letter of rec, test scores, etc.)

  6. Include a cover letter with each application. (1-2 paragraphs introducing yourself, goals, highlights of few of your experiences or skills, etc.) 

  7. Attach a Scholarship List to the Front of each application packet.

  8. Write your name on the scholarship list, and check the name of the scholarship you are applying to. (one check per page)

  9. Request hard copies of test scores and transcripts (in person) from the Counseling Secretary.

  10. Submit applications and requested attachments to the Counseling Center. Deadline: 4:00 PM, April 1st.

Note: Transcripts and test scores will be automatically attached to each application (we will take care of that). No need to request them.

Local SEPARATE APP Scholarships

  1. Review the SEPARATE APP Scholarship list.

  2. Click on the name of each scholarship to review guidelines, qualifications, details, and criteria.

  3. If the criteria "FITS" you then fill out the application completely.

  4. Each scholarship will have it's own unique application.

  5. Attach additional requirements as indicated by each scholarship. (i.e., resume, essay, letter of rec, etc.)

  6. Include a personal cover letter with each application. (1-2 paragraphs introducing yourself, goals, highlights of few of your experiences or skills, etc.) COVER LETTER SAMPLE

  7. How to submit applications and deadlines are listed on the application.

SPS Education foundation Scholarships

Deadline: April 1st

All SPSEF scholarships, as well as colleges/universities, require your current Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Expected Family Contribution (FAFSA-EFC) when applying for financial aid. To apply for a scholarship, follow these steps:

1. Before you apply for any of the Foundation’s Scholarships you MUST complete the FAFSA. To access the FAFSA website: Once you have completed the FAFSA, you will receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number listed in the top right hand corner. You will need your EFC number to complete the Foundation Scholarship Application.

2. To see if you are eligible to apply for a particular scholarship, click on each of the scholarship names listed above to read the eligibility, criteria, and guidelines for applying.

3. To apply for a specific scholarship click on the APPLY button next to the scholarship name. Students may apply for multiple scholarships.

4. Once you have been redirected to the scholarship application page you will be prompted to create an account and then begin filling out the application. If you can’t finish the entire application in one session, don’t worry because you will be able to save your work and return at a later time to complete or update your application.

The Foundation only accepts scholarship applications between February 1st and April 1st. For more information about applying for scholarships, please contact the Foundation Office at (479) 365-2696 or via email at

Traditional scholarships have been created to support students who are seeking post-secondary education at a two-year or four-year college or university.

Workforce Scholarships have been created to support students who intend to enter the workforce in a job that typically requires a two-year degree or certificate from a trade school or two-year community college.