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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does VIA DTSOI have open enrollment?

Structured enrollment windows are available to students in the spring during regular Springdale Public Schools CAP course selection times and during the first two weeks of August. After this, enrollment consideration is on a case-by-case basis and is recommended only at semester.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Students who are eligible to enroll in VIA DTSOI are Springdale Public Schools students and, if space allows, any student in Arkansas, including homeschool and private school students. Each student who enrolls must identify a learning coach, sign a learning contract, and participate in an orientation.

Is VIA DTSOI like homeschool?

In some ways, yes - students can work from home or anywhere they have reliable internet access. However, they are supervised by Springdale Public School teachers, learn from Springdale curriculum, and have access to all DTSOI events.

What types of enrollments are offered?

Full-time virtual (K-12) and blended learning (6-12) options are available to VIA students (see our section on the types of learners). All 6-12 learners are eligible for DTSOI activities, such as iTimes, guest speakers, dances, and sports.

Does VIA charge tuition fees? Does VIA use traditional textbooks?

VIA DTSOI is a public school within Springdale Public Schools. There is no fee to attend.

Springdale Public Schools provides each student with the use of a Chromebook computer as well as access to the learning management systems they will need, like Schoology and/or Edgenuity. Reliable, consistent internet access must be provided for the learner by the family. Science labs may require the use of common household supplies to be provided by the learner/family.

Are VIA students required to be on-site at the VIA or DTSOI campus?

Occasionally for state-mandated testing, proctored exams, or orientation sessions, students will be expected to be physically present on campus at pre-scheduled times.

When can students work on courses?

VIA DTSOI courses are available for students to work on 24/7. Teacher feedback and grading are within a 72-hour window of receipt of coursework. Students should plan to work at least 30 hours in a 7-day week and always work at or ahead of minimum required pacing within the semester.

Does VIA offer AP classes and internships?

Community service opportunities, civic engagement resources, AP classes and access to NWACC concurrent college courses are available through VIA DTSOI.

What is notable or important to know about VIA DTSOI?

VIA DTSOI offers pathways to meet the digital learning requirements for graduation from the State of Arkansas Department of Education. VIA also offers PE online, virtual science labs and a flexible learning environment focused on academic success with minimized distractions, allowing students to choose when to participate in on-campus opportunities.