A student working on a test

The Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education has launched the ACT NOW campaign, which encourages Arkansas high school students to take advantage of opportunities to take the ACT multiple times.

Taking the ACT more than one time can result in increased scores, ultimately increasing opportunities for scholarships and admission to colleges, universities, and trade schools. Taking the ACT multiple times also provides students with opportunities to reflect on what they've learned to determine the best course to prepare for life after high school.

“Research shows that students become more comfortable with taking the ACT the more times they take the test, resulting in higher scores and more scholarship opportunities,” ADE Secretary Johnny Key said. “A few years ago we launched the No Limits campaign, which focused on encouraging students to take full advantage of the opportunities available for taking the assessment. The ACT NOW campaign builds on that success by providing additional resources to parents, students, and educators.”

To assist schools, DESE has developed the ACT NOW toolkit to inform schools, communities, students, and families about the opportunities for students to take the ACT college entrance exam and resources available to support these endeavors.

The ACT NOW Toolkit provides tools that do the following:

  • Promote upcoming testing dates.
  • Assist school personnel with communicating about available resources.
  • Provide links to available resources designed to improve achievement on the ACT.

All Arkansas high school juniors take the ACT for free one time at their school. Juniors and seniors may also qualify for four fee waivers for other national test dates. More information for applying for fee waivers is linked below.